Halleluyah Torah! San Luis Obispo, California (Yah, Yahuah, Hebrew Roots)

The Answer of our Time! 

Torah means instructions! Instructions from the father to us. 🙂


Torah is also the foundation that is missing from our Churches today! Once Torah is restored to a believers life, than the message of the Bible comes alive in a whole new way thats simple to live and understand!

Lets restore the “full” truth of the gospel to California! Halleluyah!s877435675490723071_p162_i11_w1230


Sabbath Home Assembly’s

Who: All Are Welcome

When: Saturdays @ 10:30am

Where: Text for this weeks location

Contact: Text @ (805) 242-3487


Text @ (805) 242-3487 for Sabbath on Central Coast, California! 🙂

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